Established in 1979, Chief Group is a conglomerate focusing in securities, investment banking, asset management and research. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional investments in China and Cambodia. With over 20 retail brokerage branches strategically located in Hong Kong, Chief has one of the largest and most extensive securities network in Hong Kong
Local Securities Chief Securities Ltd. provides securities trading services to customers via various channels including on-site facilities and front-line services in our branches, telephone hot-lines, online trading platforms, smartphone applications, etc. Clients can trade in secondary stocks, via initial public offerings, secondary trading, private placements, etc.
Global Securities To facilitate investors to grasp trading opportunity in different geographic markets, we provide securities trading services in diverse global markets, including the US stock market.
Local Futures/Options Chief Commodities Ltd. is a participant of Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited (HKFE) and a clearing member of HKFE Clearing Corporation Limited, offering trading of futures, options and stock options with ease through our online platform or via telephone hot-lines.
Global Futures/Options To provide our customers with more hedging and investment tools, we offer global futures and options trading services on different under-lying assets, such as foreign exchange, bonds, international indices, energy, commodities and agricultural products, etc.
Research In today’s ever-changing market, it is vital that investors can access forward-looking analysis. Our experienced analysts deliver insightful market studies to our investors. These research reports can be accessed easily from our official website.
Assets Management Our knowledgeable and resourceful team leverages our integrity and experience to provide a comprehensive, reliable specialist assets management service.